unknown man at central station
city park
visitor from Russia
English teacher
security officer
kitchen mouse
two discarded mattresses
protected body
NightTown girl
Herman's cat
Homeless person
Shadow of a man
man at a busstop
conference chair
oil on water
Gerben and Willemijn
Leo, my former primary school teacher
Ringers place
living room window
rain on water
snack bar employee
woman at central station
man with a medal
free Balisto bars
at the studio
no man's land
at the back of the city
two people
shadow af a black cat


Marijn de Jong, Rotterdam 1975

Gerrit Rietveld Academy Photography, Amsterdam, 1996-2000

2019-2020 Het Friese landschap. Landscape photography assignment commissioned by CBK Rotterdam and Museum Belvédère, Heerenveen.
2018 Portrait assignment commissioned by Amsterdam Academy of Theater and Dance, DAS Research.
2017-2018 Portrait assignment commissioned by Rudolf Steiner College in Rotterdam. Portraits of students, teachers and other staff members. In addition, I am responsible for the visualization of cultural life and art in the (new) school building.
2016-2010 Photographic project based on daily life in Rotterdam with the cameras from photographer Peter Martens, (my neighbor in 1991-92). He died in 1992. This project was in the context of ´PS camera, initiated by photographer Koos Breukel.
2014 A journey to Kirkenes (Norway) and Nikel (Russia), commissioned by Sonic Acts, Amsterdam.  ´Dark Ecology project´ Publication ´Geologic Imagination’
From 2009 -2018 production and research autonomous work.
2008 City views project of Rotterdam. A selection of 10 photos made for the show at the Center of Contemporary art, Rotterdam
2007 City view project of Amsterdam Zuidas. A selection of 14 photos made in the busyness area in Amsterdam. (Commissioned by Virtueel museum Zuidas.)
2005 Portraits of 10 sports persons from Rotterdam. All published in the photo book “Match’’. (Commissioned by Project agency Onkruid en Roos)
2004 Portraits and city views in Murmansk, Russia
2003 Disco girls in Rotterdam, 7 night-portraits of girls in discos.
2003 Street portraits in St Petersburg, Russia (Commissioned by projectbureau zaanstreek, Zaandam)
2003 Licht in de Schrijversbuurt. Interior Photos of houses in Vlaardingen (Commissioned by municipality of Vlaardingen)
2002 Portraits of 50+ homeless people at the homeless shelter in Rotterdam
2001 Street portraits in St petersburg, Russia
2000 Final exam project at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy. A selection of 12 street portraits in Amsterdam.  Teachers: Paul Kooiker, Leo Divendal, Annaleen Louwes, Koos Breukel and Willem van Zoetendaal and Toni Hafkenscheid.

2008 Workshops photography at primary schools in Rotterdam
2007 Workshop portrait photography at the Center for Contemporary Art in Rotterdam.
2006/07 Teaching Photography at a photography school in Rotterdam and Amsterdam (Fotovakschool)

Exhibitions/ publications
2019 Participation in photo festival Naarden in May and June
2016 Group exhibition PS Camera, Museum Hilversum. Initiated by photographer Koos Breukel
2016 Route du Nord, Photo exhibition in a prison in Rotterdam
2015 group exhibition ´Rotterdam in the picture´ Nederlands Fotomuseum Rotterdam
2014 A journey to Kirkenes (Norway) and Nikel (Russia), commissioned by Sonic Acts, Amsterdam.  ´Dark Ecology project´  Publication ´Geologic Imagination’
2012/13 Participation at the summer expo at the Haags Gemeentemuseum, Den Haag
2012 Group exhibition about the city. City-view photography at  Pand Paulus, Schiedam
2008 Solo exhibition at the center of contemporary art, Rotterdam
2008 Group exhibition at the museum of Photography (foam), Amsterdam
2007 Group exhibition at the Historical Museum in Rotterdam. “Inspiration Rotterdam”
2006 Photo book Match. 150 sports heroes from Rotterdam photographed by15 photographers from Rotterdam
2006 Group exposition Dutch Insight - Netherlands contemporary photo & video, Kumho Museum, Seoul & Daejeon Municipal Museum of Art, Daejeon, Korea Composed by Willem van Zoetendaal.
2005 Publication ‘’Match’’ Portraits of 10 sports persons from Rotterdam.
2004 Publication in The Volkskrant (newspaper) “observatorium”.  Photos from Murmansk.
2004 Group exhibition at the TENT gallery in Rotterdam.
2004 Solo exhibition at the Van Zoetendaal Gallery, Amsterdam
2002 Publication in Avenue magazine. Street portraits from St Petersburg.
2002 group exhibition Haags Gemeentemuseum, Portraits.
2002 group exhibition “Faces Chosen”, by Willem ven Zoetendaal, gallery Art Affairs Amsterdam
2005 basic subsidy, by the fund for visual arts
2004 Project subsidy by the fund for visual arts (Murmansk)
2000 Start subsidy by the fund for visual arts

Marijn de Jong,
Rotterdam 2019